30 January, 2008

AP's Selective Memory

"Texas Rep. Ron Paul has made no move to withdraw even though he scores in single digits in voting." - Associated Press, 1/30/08

"Nevada - 1797 of 1797 Precincts Reporting...Paul , Ron...14%" - Associated Press, undated article

"Iowa results...Ron Paul 10 percent" - Associated Press, 1/4/08

28 January, 2008

Wait, what?

Are we really going to add to our $9,200,000,000,000 national debt to send checks to every couple earning less than $174,000, etc.!? It's looking that way, sadly. What's next, self-esteem classes for supermodels? More cold water here.

26 January, 2008

Standard Error

Newcomer Kevyn Peak tangles with The Weekly Standard (whose article tries to throw out principle and run with "virtue" alone):

"Sure, 'men must govern men'--FDR, Nixon, Clinton, Ted Stevens...the lot of them! The trillion-dollar question is: govern how much? Excessive governing, often sanctified by moral authorities of the day, has proven to be far more noxious than run-of-the-mill weak virtue. Better a hungover neoliberal than a lucid authoritarian."

Full article.

I couldn't have said it better myself! ;)

22 January, 2008

around every corner...

Terrorism, not Starbucks. On tonight's Hardball with Chris Matthews NY Congressman Peter King, "homeland security advisor" to Rudy Giuliani, arguing with McCain's national co-chair Tom Ridge, says that his boss "knows that Islamic terrorism is everywhere." Not worries, not suspects, but knows...everywhere! How's that for a realistic, cool-headed commander-in-chief?

Thompson is out

So here is a refresh of the list of Republican candidates, ranked by success so far:*

1. McCain
2. Romney
3. Huckabee
4. Paul
5. Thompson
6. Giuliani
7. Hunter
8. Tancredo
9. Brownback
10. Tommy Thompson
11. Gilmore
12. Keyes (?)

* as judged by VoxPolitico.com--based on votes and sticktoitiveness

former NM Governor endorses Paul

Gary Johnson, Governor of New Mexico from 1995-2003, has endorsed Ron Paul for President.

21 January, 2008

kicking in another million or two

Ron Paul is having his 3rd best fundraising day of the campaign...

04 January, 2008

'Tardette dances spastically on Ron Paul's grav...

...itas. 'Tardette, who "don’t care about [Ron Paul] one way or the other," have gotten their keyboards damp with bile and copy/paste residue over Ron Paul's showing in Iowa. Because, you know, Paul did so terribly. For one thing, he got barely more than twice the votes of recent national leader Rudy Giuliani. Worse, he only got 37% more votes than polls predicted, merely almost tying two "top tier" candidates. How can Paul and his supporters ever hope to affect American politics if they merely break fundraising records, reintroduce unfashionable ideas to millions, repeatedly put libertarianism in the mainstream spotlight, ignite a new movement on college campuses, dominate online political activism, outperform seven (of eleven) opponents thus far, and so on? Don't they have to rank higher in Iowa to move the country toward accursed individual freedom? It's enough to make a 'Tardette care!

The "frightening" idea of leaving people be

Video: reason editor stands up to O'Reilly.

GOP Results So Far (Inclusive Version)

Republican candidates ranked by success through the Iowa caucuses:*

1. Huckabee
2. Romney
3. Thompson
4. McCain
5. Paul
6. Giuliani
7. Hunter
8. Tancredo
9. Brownback
10. Tommy Thompson
11. Gilmore
12. Keyes

* as judged by VoxPolitico.com--based on votes then sticktoitiveness

02 January, 2008

See "What is at stake"

Try moving the slider back and forth at this site and see some consequences of choosing Ron Paul...or some of his opponents...