29 January, 2011

Think Locally, Demonize Extradimensionally

It's not entirely surprising that somebody who wrote a book titled Free Trade Doesn't Work is now claiming that people who think free trade does work are anti-American.  But, think about it for longer than it takes to read a Tweet and any sense to it evaporates.  Why suggest that somebody is anti-American just because they disagree with you about trade policy?  Isn't that more about means than ends?  It doesn't matter what they think is the best policy, says Fletcher (when questioned), because "the bad guys" have already admitted to having freedom as their one and only value and that means they can't prefer American prosperity over prosperity abroad.  Never having met anyone with fewer than two values, I found this to be a new and exotic argument.  See my dissection of this noxious subspecies in the comments section here (look for "voxpolitico").

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