07 December, 2007

no street corner offices, except those* street corner offices

Today at Harper's, Ken Silverstein quotes Tom Edmonds, "a prominent conservative political consultant" as saying: "You can’t go to the street corner and find a Ron Paul for President office, but you can go online."

The only problem with this, of course, is all those actual "street corner" Ron Paul for President offices...

* "Ron Paul opened a campaign office this afternoon in Charleston, S.C. -- his third in a state that traditionally has been crucial to deciding who Republicans nominate for president."

* "Backers of GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul opened his Minnesota headquarters, taking aim at the Feb. 5 caucuses."

* Grand Opening of Ron Paul Council Bluffs Headquarters [Iowa]

* Iowa HQ Office Location:
Des Moines Bldg, 405 - 6 Av, # 104
Des Mones IA 50309

*New Hampshire Campaign Headquarters
45 South Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

* "It's finally happening: A Republican presidential campaign has taken notice of the tight race for Nevada 's early caucuses and shelled out for staff, an office and advertising here. And the candidate is (drumroll please) Ron Paul." (29 Oct.)

* "At his new New York City campaign headquarters in Chelsea, the candidate spoke about his political platform, which emphasizes..."

I helpfully supplied these (there are undoubtedly more) to Mr. Silverstein, but he replied: "thanks for note. i knew there were some offices but think the point he was making holds..."

The point that Ron Paul has little non-Internet presence? I thought that had been debunked. Maybe if we could see a breakdown of how many offices each candidate has. Ah, but then it would be how many people are working in those offices. And then how many paid staff. And then what time they open and close each day.

It seems as if Job 1 is making the narrative work. When Ron Paul's 8% in their NH poll didn't fit into their story, Newsweek and MSNBC simply removed it. I've seen at least one other outfit do the same thing (i.e., not cut him off at the bottom, but excise him from the middle of the field).

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