10 December, 2007

'Tardette: Does Surgeon General want to kill Santa?

"This is kind of like Ron Paul wanting to be president even though he doesn’t believe in government."

Right, 'cause we all know that if we want to make something smaller, it follows that we don't "believe in" it in any form. This in a post about a Christian biologist's conflict with his ex-employer over evolution.

By this logic, it is clear that when the Surgeon General and others call for Santa to slim down, what they really want is for the jolly old elf to be eliminated entirely and the North Pole left in anarchy.

Of course, this might make sense given Santa's well-known silence on living wages, workplace safety, norms of international trade, and his cheerful flouting of FAA rules and our national borders. Not to mention his failure to invite IAEA inspectors to his workshop.

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